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This is an OC for :iconperiwinkei:'s WIP story, Silvene! This is leon, and she is fused with a blue tongued skink, hense the blue tongue. She used to have long, straight black hair, but when she was mutated, scales grew all over her skin and all of her hair fell out. This *crushed* her, she loved her hair so much, but she began to deal with it. She began to embrace it, and loves having no hair now, but she hated her head shape, so she mainly keeps it covered. that giant scar on her face was from the anti-mutants. Leon is extremely fast, and when the anti-mutants found her, she was caught off guard and was basically torched. She got away, (barely) and now she has a huge scar on the side of her face. Leon is pretty loud and brash, but if she is in danger she can be very serious. She doesn't have a lot of upper body strength, but she does have very strong legs. They are kinda like the classic anthro legs, so she has a lot of muscle. There's also claws on her hands and feet, so that's pretty cool. So yeah, she'll slash you up. Dango-big-smile 
Vampire Babe
Not really sure what she is, I think she's a vampire, but hey, whatevs. But yeah, I did this because i wanted to experiment with some new art styles. I found this really cool/cute one by the youtuber who is also on DA, so go check her out! :iconperiwinkei: I've been watching her videos a lot and thought "Hey! Thats a cool way to draw! I'm gonna challenge myself and try it out!" And that's exactly what I did. So enjoy.

Oh yeah! And she aslo has a transparent background because I can do that now! Thank god for photoshop!
Accurate Calloway
YES I DID IT!! I finally made an ACTUAL lanky character! So yes, I did draw Calloway again, this time trying to actually draw him the way he's supposed to be drawn, lanky af and tall. So yeeeeaaah! Here ya go! Calloway in his true form.
This is my OC for the Disney franchise, Descendants! I drew him as a chibi because he's supposed to be very tall and lanky, and I can't draw lanky characters, so I was lazy and did this instead. I'm gonna do a quick ref for him that I might update in the future if I get around to it.

Name: Calloway

Nicknames: Cal, Callie

Age: Idk, how old are the cannon characters?

Height: 6' 7'

Build: Very lanky and almost skeletal looking

Personality: Very sarcastic like his dad, a trouble maker, a bit on the egotistical side, has a bad temper, speaks his mind even if it not what someone wants to hear

Bio: He's the son of Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, and wasn't born in the sense of normal children, more like stitched up and had some bugs shoved into him. Whenever he opens his mouth, you will most likely see a beetle or a centipede crawl out of his mouth or across his tongue. He's crowned himself "The Jazz Prince of Halloween Town," and no one really questions it. He has friends, but his BEST friend is the daughter of Captain Hook/Jones, Bethany Hook/Jones. (An OC my friend made for the first movie. She was a bit upset wj=hen the second movies came out and Harry showed up. She was like "I WANT TO WRITE SMUT WITH HIM BUT ITS SO WRONG") And if there is one thing that everyone should and will most likely come to know, he is flaming gay. Burnt to a crisp gay. And though he doesn't flaunt it in anything's face, if he thinks some cute boy is attractive, he'll be oh so subtle about it until he exchanges beetles, which for some reason, seems to be a turn off. he still doesn't know why though. 

I would imagine Cal finding the main main characters of the Descendants franchise boring and over-rated. If you don't talk about jazz at least once, there's no point in talking. Sometimes he throws up bugs. Not like sick throw up, but he opens his mouth to talk and all of a sudden there's just a WAVE of bugs pouring from his mouth. And he's all like "god damn it hold on I gotta find the gardens," and whenever people would say that swallowing bugs is disgusting, e bring up the fact that Carlos's mother tried to skin 99 puppies and their parents to make coats out of. Carlos doesn't approve.
Inspired by a vocaloid song, I'm sure a lot of people know it. I'll leave a link anyway. This took me about four hours. Originally, There was going to be a chest with a smile craved into it, and then I thought "Its either too edgy, or not edgy enough," and I decided it wasn't edgy enough. So I went with exposed the rib cage, and I was going to put blood, and then I was going to turn the blood into static, but I had to step back, because that was too edgy for me. So yeah, this is a thing. I like how the double set of arms came out, it was my first time trying that, but it was cool, and I might make a character with double arms. So yeah, watch out for that



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